Sunday, August 23, 2009

School has Started and so has "Routine"

This summer has flown by and I have not posted once.  First half of the summer was busy with softball practices and games. The last half has been consumed with canning the garden (salsa - lots of salsa, zucchini- even more than the salsa).   We have had several prayer quilts the last half of the summer also.  I was asked to quilt a t-shirt quilt a friend did for her daughter.  The biggest thing this summer is I decided to start a little business.  The name is "Quilted Memories & Embroidery".  I am offering services to make t-shirt & memory quilts as well as custom embroidery.

I can't believe that DD #4 started 7th grade - OMG!   Where has the time gone.  I am freaking out that in 5 short years she will graduate high school and go off to college.  I am very proud of her, she tried out for the 7th grade vollyball team and was selected for the Junior Varsity.  I am not sure where the athletic gene came from.  Must of been a recessed gene!

I have so enjoyed reading blogs, many many blogs.  I love the crafting blogs, the cooking blogs and the blogs that speak about their faith.  These blogs all challenge me.  I am now taking the challenge, one challenge at a time.  The first thing is planning menus for my families meals each week.  The thing that has frustrated me the most is at 4:45pm everyday I didn't know what I was making for dinner.  So last Saturday, August 22nd, I planned the meals for the week.

Monday - Grilled Lemon Chicken & Tabbouleh - Pampered Chef cookbook
                 Steamed Broccli and Yellow Squash (something else our garden produced in abundance)

Tuesday - Tacos, Spanish Rice, Applesauce

Wednesday - Bake Potatos, Carrots

Thursday - Chicken Fried Rice

Friday - Pork Chops, Mashed Potatos, Sauteed Asian Broccoli Slaw

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Talapia (not sure how I am making it yet), rice, green beans, rolls.

So this catches almost everything up. 

Blessing all, Leslie

PS It has taken me two days to post this. I am trying to post a slideshow of pics from Photobucket, but can't get it to work. I give up.

PSS Never give up! I got it. Yeah!

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Dixie said...

i love your blogs! Great job.