Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Menu Planning

Well it is day three of the menu plan and all is well. Or should I say great! The stress of "what is for dinner" is gone. I made the plan and follow the plan.

DD#4 has volleyball practice every night until 5:15, to weird. Being alone during the day for that long.

Prayer quilts are flowing.This thing called "contemplative prayer" is amazing.

Blessings one and all,



tagdak said...

Hey My Little Corner of Kansas! Just found your planning huh? I plan menu's....a whole months worth at a time, makes cooking so less stressful! I was raised way out in the country and my mom only went grocery shopping once a month, so while I've always known how to plan I never stayed consistant with it over the years. Now that my kiddos are all growed up and gone meal plannin' isn't that big of a deal, but is sure is a money saver! Reading your blog ispired me to start my own...guess time will tell on how well it goes. Hopefully I will figure it all out with time. Check it

polwig said...

I am all about having quick fixes in the freezer especially for toddlers.... as long as you have a big freezer you have your dinner ready from salmon cakes to chicken lettuce wraps... let us know how you do it...