Friday, May 29, 2009

American Tears - Thank you Military Past & Present

The last week of school the 6th grade choir had a beautiful performance. One of the songs the choir sang was "American Tears" by Teresa Jennings. Before the choir sang this song the choir director asked all military past & present, police and firefighters to stand. Now I have tried several times to upload a video of the kids singing the song, but it is a no go. So I have copied the words to the song below.

Sometimes I think about America About her struggles through the years

I think of people who did what they had to do with struggles to act through their fears

Sometimes I think about America About her future and her past

I know I'm blessed to be living in liberty in a land where freedom will last

Chorus: For the heroes, for the patriots For the soldiers, For the pioneers I will always be an American And I'll always cry American tears

DD#4 is in 6th Grade. She really wanted to invite all those she knew that was or is in the military. Our neighbors grandson (who is in the Navy), my cousins husband (who is in the Kansas National Guard in Irag, now), and some friends of ours who are retired military. It was just not possible for any of them to come. So to these family and friends and all those who serve our country - here at home or away - THANK YOU!

Peace & Grace, Leslie

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