Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started early. Up at 5:20am, dress, get the 12 year old DD up, and off we went to the Mother's Day 5K at Corporate Woods.

We mostly walked, but we broke into a jog occasionally. It was a beautiful, but cool and cloudy day. Since the start of this was my daughters participation in a group called Girls on the Run. We had 20 of the girls from her school come today and participate.

There was over 2000 females of all ages walk, run, or run/walk in this event. The route was lined with signs of "momisms". For example, "Because I said so..", "Don't make me put down my Wine", "Wait till you have children...", and on and on. My daugher on the right and her friend decided to run across the finish line. Their time for the 5k was about 48 minutes, mine was 49, Oh I just realized that is my age.

Our church had a prayer quilt today for a 9 year old named Patricia. She will have surgery May 14th to remove kidney stones. Please remember her in your prayers.

Blessings, Leslie (Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.)

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