Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally a post

Today is Easter. A new beginning. Christ was put to death then made alive to bring us to God.

Well since July I thought having the blog would keep me accountable to post. WRONG! I have recenly started posting to Facebook and Twitter, now it is time to take care of my BLOG! So here goes.

My church has a Prayer Quilt Ministry called Prayers and Squares. Quilts (and prayers) are requested for people that are sick or in need or hurting. The quilts have ties that as you silently pray for the person you tie the tie. The quilt is then given to them and they are covered in prayers. The quilt today was for a young lady named Jessica. She has and again is struggling with an eating disorder. Please say a prayer for her for stregth and healing. Here is her quilt.

Blessings and Happy Easter.

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